Grinding Disk Rupture

We would like to share this important article to you, To Make Personnel Aware on the Risk of Grinding

Please review the photos below. The welder was very lucky that he was wearing his welding face shield while grinding. If not, this would have been a very different outcome. Please look at your personal protective equipment (PPE) used in your grinding operations to ensure that they are impact resistant. We should not be using welding helmets for face protection during grinding operations unless they are resistant to high impacts. This would be an excellent item for all supervisors to look out for when making routine inspections of your operations.

The welder was cutting a 1/16″ thick plate when the cutting wheel he was using broke apart. One piece of the wheel lodged in the welder’s helmet he was wearing and another piece went clear through and resulted in a shallow cut on the cheek. These grinding wheels are dangerous. Please ensure grinders and cutting tools are used properly and have the proper guards in place and that the correct PPE is worn. The message here is that welding helmets are not designed to be used for grinding. This welder’s hood was not adequate PPE for cutting with a disk.


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